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Best Job Alternatives To Make A Career Change During Covid-19

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Best Job, During Covid-19, many people have lost their jobs due to companies‘ new demands. Remote work is transforming the way we work, and unskilled employees have struggled to remain employed. Tech skills are now essential to stay relevant and jobless individuals enrolled in coding bootcamps to update their toolbox

Since the digital transition has made the competition more challenging, making a career change is an excellent alternative to increase your opportunities. Tech salaries are reaching the clouds, and companies are offering great perks to allow employees to improve their lifestyles. If you seek to make a career change, but you have not made your decision, here are some job alternatives you should consider these days. They will allow you to become an attractive candidate and be ready for future challenges.

Best Job

Web Developer Best Job

Salary is among the main factors people consider when making a career change. Earning a six-figure salary is only a dream for many, but learning web development skills will help you make it real. Nowadays, the average salary of a web developer is $103,731 per year at Wells Fargo. The skills of web developers are indispensable for companies these days as they play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. During the coronavirus lockdown, users began to spend more time online because they couldn’t go out.


At Google, web developers can enjoy great perks like in-office gym classes and spa sessions. Also, companies like Netflix provide tech professionals with unlimited vacation days (within reason) as well as paid parental leave. So, if you plan to have a new family member, there’s no better option than becoming a web developer.

JavaScript is among the best tools for web development. It allows professionals to create dynamic UI’s within minutes, and it’s excellent for back-end development. To learn JS programming skills, you can take free online courses or even watch Youtube videos. However, since education is key to convince employers, you better enroll in a JavaScript boot camp. Thankful and Kenzie Academy are among the best vocational schools in the US and offer online courses to enable students to learn from home.

Cloud Engineer

For decades, storing vast amounts of information has been a challenge for companies. Years ago, most companies required big rooms for their databases. But, cloud computing has changed the rules of the game. Nowadays, more and more companies are moving to the cloud as it provides them with security and accessibility. In other words, they can prevent data loss as well as have access from any place.

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud services these days, and becoming an AWS cloud engineer will significantly increase your job opportunities. According to Indeed, an AWS cloud engineer can make between $117,000 and 128,000 per year. Consequently, there’s no doubt that learning AWS will help you change your lifestyle. 

Learning AWS skills can be challenging, but Coding Dojo makes your learning process more comfortable. Coding Dojo allows you to become a self-sufficient developer in only 14 weeks and provides you with career services to help you stay motivated. At Coding Dojo, you’ll learn by doing and learn other outstanding skills like MongoDB, Python, and JQuery.

Cybersecurity Engineer

In 2020, data is among the most valuable resources across the globe. For that reason, the need for individuals with cybersecurity skills is continually increasing. Cybersecurity engineers are responsible for improving companies’ security strategies. They must analyze and monitor hardware and software to detect vulnerabilities. Their work-life can be stressful, but if you like to catch the bad guys, this job role is made for you.

Cybersecurity engineers have many responsibilities on their shoulders as they must prevent data loss and leakage. However, enrolling in Flatiron School’s coding boot camp will enable you to achieve your goal. At Flatiron School, you’ll develop not only coding skills to deal with rapidly advancing threats but analytical skills to provide the best results. If you want to get a better idea of the job role, don’t hesitate to visit Bootcamp Rankings’ website. It’ll help you to take a step in the right direction.


The coronavirus pandemic has made organizations and workers implement new strategies. Therefore, if you’re planning to make a career change, you need to go big or go home. Considering these job alternatives is the best decision you can make. Keep in mind that more companies are investing in new technologies, and breaking into tech is a win-win decision. Still, before making your move, identify what alternative best fits your needs. Don’t forget that having a job that keeps you motivated is vital to achieving happiness in life.

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