COVID and the Looming Debt problem in South Africa 2021

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what is the truth of debt in South Africa before and after Covid-19? More than 42 percent of the 23 million cash-active customers have poor credit.
An explicit need for financial literacy and employee health programs relating to finances (employers can not only assist their workers by offering a kind of saving tool but also allow them to consult with financial specialists about their financial situations).

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What is debt therapy?

What is debt therapy, and who is that for?
-The significance of the method for the ordinary South African. Especially during the post-hard lockdown time. Unpacking main questions in South Africa based on Patterns in Financial Behaviour. “no fee”: How do you work with/assist your parents/family members if they have a big problem with debt/mismanagement of money? What to do and what not to do

  • Debt after Marriage
  • Debt Prior to Marriage (Relationship orientated)

Material that is both rich and thoughtful.
I’m still grateful for resources like this, which raise debt consciousness and offer constructive financial solutions to real-world issues.


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