Identifying Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing strategies for engaging the generation. marketing in the digital age
– the present, and the future. That is correct. We’re here to discuss the fascinating new world of digital marketing, which has risen from relative obscurity in the late 1990s to the forefront of business in 2014.

We’ll look at how businesses like yours may harness the power of the internet revolution to engage with a new breed of consumers: people who incorporate this omnipresent technology into their daily lives. It has integrated itself effortlessly into their daily lives in ways that we could never have imagined even a decade ago.

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The future of digital marketing

So, why are we starting with a glance backward? Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian communications theorist, and philosopher wrote in his 1960s classic Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, ‘It is instructive to follow the embryonic stages of any new growth, for during this period of development it is much misunderstood, whether it be printing, the motor car, or television.’ As is so frequently the case,

A rudimentary comprehension of the past may help us comprehend the present and, eventually, illuminate our vision of the future. So fasten your seatbelts as we take a whistle-stop tour of how marketing has developed through time, and how advertising and technology have merged to form a new marketing environment that is just beginning to mature but is still fertile with possibility.


The technology that powers digital marketing

As previously said, technological advancements and the growth of marketing are closely linked. Since its beginning, technology has supported significant milestones in the history of marketing. The procedure usually goes as follows:

1 New technology emerges and is initially the preserve of technologists
and early adopters.

2 The technology gains a firmer foothold in the market and starts to
become more popular, putting it on the marketing radar.

3 Innovative marketers jump in to explore ways that they can harness
the power of this emerging technology to connect with their target

4 The technology migrates to the mainstream and is adopted into
standard marketing practice

The printing press, radio, television, and now the internet are all instances of big technological advancements that irrevocably transformed the interactions between marketers and customers on a worldwide scale. But, of course, marketing is about people, not technology: technology is only important from a marketing standpoint when it links people with other people.

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