In 2021, use these new marketing strategies.

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Marketing strategies. While many other forms of traditional marketing have been discontinued or limited, the internet world is thriving like never before. We’ve gathered the best 21 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 to help you crush your marketing goals.

  • Tip 1: Update your Website (ASAP) …
  • Tip 2: Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. …
  • Tip 3: Focus on the user experience (UX) …
  • Tip 4: Create Content to Answer Your Users Questions. …
  • Tip 5: Take advantage of Paid Ads (If you haven’t already) …
  • Tip 6: Try New Marketing Tools.

Because of the COVID epidemic, the use of mobile devices is expected to skyrocket in 2020. It is critical that your website be mobile-friendly.
Customers will have an easier and more convenient user experience as a result of this. When you’re having fun or having a good time, time seems to fly by, which is exactly what you want for your users. A mobile-friendly website will also assist with Google’s “Core-Web-Vitals,” which assess speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. Paying attention to these metrics in 2021 will benefit your Google search rankings. Remember that you want your consumers to be able to reach you via mobile and desktop. In 2021, the majority of people will discover you on mobile devices, so let’s make sure they have a good time.


Focus on the user experience (UX) marketing strategies

Users, according to Google, prefer sites with an excellent page experience. Does it make sense since who wants to spend hours online struggling? Prioritizing user experience (UX) means that visitors will be more inclined to stay on your company’s website rather than visiting your rivals’. Google has released a new collection of metrics dubbed “Core Web Vitals” to assist businesses in measuring the user experience of their website. These metrics help assess website performance, responsiveness, and visual stability.


Tip 4: Create Content to Answer Your Users Questions

The best and most engaging content always answers your users’ questions. If a user feels that they aren’t finding the answers to their questions, they’ll leave. 

You want this content to either inform or add value to the users’ experience and ultimately help solve their problems.

Tip 5: Take advantage of Paid Ads (If you haven’t already)

Traditionally, businesses have used radio, tv, print, or other forms of media to boost their business’ exposure. However, the pandemic has affected the effectiveness of most of these platforms. Digital has been the least affected of these and has in fact improved during the pandemic.

To lower costs and increase returns, businesses are allocating less to their traditional marketing strategies and more to their digital marketing strategies.

Doing this improves the business’ website traffic, and more traffic means more people finding you, which means more potential sales and profits in the long run.

Tip 6: Try New Marketing Tools 

New programs and approaches are helping businesses achieve optimization and streamlined methods.

Consider using these digital marketing tools and platforms in 2021 (if you aren’t already):

  • CRMs – Customer Relationship Management Systems: Keep your contact, sales, and customer engagement process well managed.
  • Analytics and reporting software – help you know exactly what kind of results you’re getting so you’re spending your time and budget on the right things.
  • SEO optimization software – For example, if you are using a WordPress website you can use Yoast SEO or Rankmath. There are many others. We use a tool called Frase at Rocket Expansion as well to help us create great SEO-optimized content.

Tip 7: Automate Your Tasks 

Automating your tasks can help you save time and prioritize higher-priority projects. Automation in the right areas can greatly increase the benefits to your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here is a shortlist of some of the area’s to consider automating:

  • Automate Marketing Emails – Schedule your marketing emails in advance to your selected contacts. You can also set up email series’ that get fired off to different audiences to provide personalized follow-up.
  • Automate Notifications – These are particularly helpful for follow up’s when someone sends you an email.
  • Automate Social Media Posts – Schedule all social media posts on multiple platforms in advance.
  • Automate Lead Flow – If a user wishes to download a resource, you can send them an email right away to allow them to download that resource. You can continue to send them scheduled automated emails with additional information o the topic to help them move down along the funnel.  
  • Automate Analytics Reporting – Use Google Analytics and your CRM to track consumer behavior. These metrics are vital to observe the growth of your marketing activities.

Tip 8: Create Content that people are searching for that helps them

SEO tools and Google Analytics data will tell you what keywords and topics consumers in your industry are searching for.

Use this data to create blogs and resources.

The goal is to make quality, valuable content. Alternatively, you can use these topics to improve and re-purpose the information on your current highly searched blogs.

It is also key to focus on the human connection, instead of selling your product. By providing helpful and very valuable content, you’ll begin to gain trust and credibility with potential customers.

Tip 9: Use video on social media

Social Media Marketing is booming in 2021. This is predominantly lead by video-based social media marketing. Consumers are increasingly engaging with image-based content, as well as video content.

We’ve seen vast shifts in almost every social media platform and landscape this past year.

Times have changed and apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels debuted in 2020, making videos likely to be the most popular form of content on social media in 2021.

Any digital marketing agency and digital marketers would agree that video marketing is more effective at generating leads than static posts.

Take it one step further and try adding interactive elements to your marketing videos.

Interactive videos are a new type of content that gives the viewer the ability to interact with the videos themselves creating a user experience like no other.

Consumers prefer interactive video content over other types of video content because it gives them the ability to decide what information they want to view and when they want to view it.

This information is key to your company’s Social Media Strategy.

Tip 10: Going Local Can Boost your Sales

Marketing campaigns need to be customized to appeal to the local population. Start by optimizing your digital presence for local SEO.

According to HubSpot, 72% of customers did a local search before visiting a shop within a 5-mile radius.

Having a Google My Business page is essential, along with a strong backlinking profile to boost search results.

Next, you may leverage technology such as geolocation services to target audiences. With geolocation data, you can send personalized messages to a small group encouraging action at your nearby local store.

Tip 11: Use tools that allow for digital sales 

Consumers always want instant solutions.

People are not willing to spend hours searching for information and with COVID changing consumer behavior, consumers are expecting everything to be handled online.

In 2021, try incorporating a few digital strategies and tools that make it easy for your contacts to conveniently engage with your sales team on their own terms.

Here are some examples of tools to keep in mind :

  • Chatbots – Chatbots allow visitors to open live online chat conversations with business representatives on the company website. Businesses can provide support, ask qualifying lead questions, and even convert leads all through a live online chatbot, like Drift Video prospecting: Use video prospecting to help stand out amongst competitors and humanize the sales process by putting a face to the name. Personalize your message and include a call to action to have them schedule a meeting with you.
  • Pre-recorded demos – Save time in your sales process by pre-recording your product demos. You’ll provide a great user experience where viewers can stop, pause, and rewatch the demo when it’s convenient for them.
  • Appointment and scheduling tools – Use appointment scheduling tools like Calendly to automatically and accurately schedule meetings with leads right on the spot. Here’s an example of ours.
  • Online transactions and e-signatures – Utilize online transactions and e-signature tools like DocuSign to provide a convenient and fast turnaround on purchases.

Tip 12: Build Your Brand, Strategically

Whether you are an industry expert or a beginner, first impressions matter. A lot. The importance and value of your company’s first impression is the reason you need a kick-butt, rock star brand. Your brand is more than just a logo on display. Branding runs deep.

That’s why hiring a professional to do your branding and logo is key to your success. It is part of what will make you the brand of choice.

Tip 13: Track & Measure Spending

Different online branding and marketing channels will provide different benefits to you and your business. As the old saying goes, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”. Prepare to spend, but be smart about it.

Spend some time carefully analyzing each channel, platform, or tool and what they offer to your business (in-depth). Also, set clear and measurable goals for each activity.

You will want to do this so that you can properly decide where and how much to spend. Spending and digital marketing should be done in a strategic way.

Doing things haphazardly will only yield ineffective and unsustainable results for your business – you’ll effectively be burning money.

One of the strategies we use at Rocket Expansion is to do small test campaigns with any new marketing spend and wait for results. Then, once we see which campaigns are successful, we spend more heavily on those and ditch the rest.

Be sure to continuously measure and have reviews of the results of each of your branding and marketing tactics and promotions.

This will ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, and alter or cease activities that aren’t meeting your goals.

Tip 14: Improve Your Online Presence With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting found online through people searching for relevant terms in Google or other search engines.

There are really 3 main aspects to SEO:

  • researching what people are searching for in your industry
  • writing valuable, helpful relevant content that answers these searchers questions
  • getting other websites to link back to this content

With successful SEO, you can expand your reach to new audiences and online communities dramatically. Attract them to your website where you can hopefully convert them to paying customers.

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