Offshore Liability insurance 2022

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Offshore Liability insurance. Specialist and offshore support vessel liability insurance
For more than a half-century, the Shipowners’ Club has underwritten offshore business and was one of the first clubs to provide a dedicated resource for offshore business.

The Club has always been at the forefront of developing insurance solutions for the sector’s unique and complex challenges. The Club has accumulated many years of experience in supporting our Members’ operations, which enhances our understanding of our Members’ needs.

We provide a comprehensive insurance solution to the offshore energy, construction, and wind farm sectors through traditional Rules-based P&I cover, which provides access to the high limits of the International Group, which are frequently required for offshore operators, and our tried and tested Specialist Offshore Packages, which are designed specifically for the offshore and construction sectors. These are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the industry.

Offshore Liability insurance

Our members participate in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Construction and installation
  • Rig/platform supply
  • Offshore support
  • Anchor handling
  • Personnel transfer
  • Seismic survey
  • Dredging
  • Cable and pipe laying
  • ROV/UAV and submersible operations
  • Dive support
  • Well stimulation
  • Decommissioning
  • Towage
  • Heavylift operations
  • Offshore accommodation
  • Autonomous vessel operations
  • Salvage and clean up operations

We are able to provide comprehensive offshore Liability insurance

Our covers, which are available as a Basic or Enhanced Package, can be tailored to an operator’s needs based on the activities performed and the contracts they have entered into, whether standard BIMCO forms or bespoke contracts for energy majors or specific projects. We are able to provide comprehensive cover to high limits on a cost-effective basis by offering broad cover for Contractual Liabilities and Specialist Operations on a combined single limit.

Our Specialist Offshore Package Brochure contains more information on the packages. For accommodation units, where liability to guests is required, we can provide this as a standalone extension or on a Combined Single Limit basis for those units that also require cover for specialist operations and contractual liabilities. In addition, we can provide Construction All Risks (CAR) deductible buy-down cover, which requires our Members to accept liability for damage to contract works.


The Shipowners’ Club offshore division consists of an underwriting syndicate in London and a dedicated claims team that assists our Members in their operations. Our Singapore office also underwrites offshore business and serves the Club’s membership in South and East Asia and Australasia. We provide cover advice, contract reviews, and full-service claims handling.

The protection we provide

This package of cover insures You against liability claims which may
be made against You as a result of owning or operating a vessel. It
provides cover additional to Our Club Rules and incorporates all
of the terms and conditions
of those Rules, unless they cease to apply because We have given
You this additional cover.
Any limitations, amendments, or endorsements which form part
of Your Certificate of Insurance also apply to this additional cover.

We agree to extend the cover We provide to You to include
liabilities, costs, and expenses arising from any of the following:
1.0 Liability arising under indemnities and contracts
You are covered for indemnities and other contractual
liabilities arising under the terms of a contract You have
entered into relating to facilities or services provided to or in
connection with Your vessel, including when You charter Your
vessel to others and claims are made against You due to any of
the following:

  1. Loss of life, personal injury or illness.
  2. Loss or damage to cargo or property, including
    property in Your care, custody or control.
  3. Pollution.
  4. Waiver of right to limit liability.
  5. Removal of the wreck of any of the following: your
    vessel or parts of your vessel, or of property or equipment
    lost from your vessel.
    You have the additional benefit of the following:
    Naming of Co-assureds
    If We agree to name a Co-assured, in accordance with Rule 41 2
    (c) then that Co-assured shall be entitled only to recover for
    liabilities, costs and expenses which are Your responsibility and
    would, if borne by You, be recoverable by You from Us. If You
    have a contract, then Your responsibility is Your responsibility
    under the terms of the contract.
    2.0 Marine Employers Liability Cover
    Seafarers and other persons
    You are insured for Your liability to seafarers, or other persons
    for whom You have a responsibility, where they are working;
    a) on board vessels which You do not own, providing such
    work is of a temporary nature.
    b) on or from offshore structures which You do not own, for
    periods not exceeding 48 hours.

We will also cover liability claims made against You as a result of
the presence of this personnel aboard these vessels or
structures, providing We have been notified in advance and
We have seen and approved any related contracts or

Seafarers’ Detention Response

In the event that a seafarer is detained by the authorities whilst
in service to the entered vessel, We will arrange for Our
nearest representative to assist. This service is available
worldwide, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and is provided
regardless of the reported grounds for detention.

3.0 Specialist operations and incidental salvage

You are insured for claims arising from specialist operations
which would otherwise be excluded by Club Rules, Rule 28.3
Insured activities include amongst other things: blasting,
construction, installation, decommissioning, and maintenance
work, core sampling, and depositing of spoil. This includes
claims made by the party who engaged You to do the work as
well as any other person. You are also insured for liabilities
costs and expenses arising from salvage operations You
undertake as part of contractually agreed services or scope
of works, when these activities are considered to be
incidental to the main scope of works described in the
The exclusions under Rule 28.3 B and 28.3 C still apply, as
listed below under ‘What is not Covered’.


4.0 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) including
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

You are insured for liabilities and related costs and expenses
which would otherwise be excluded by Club Rules, Rule 28(6).

5.0 War risks

In respect of the risks contained in this additional cover, You
are insured for liabilities, costs, and expenses arising out of war
risks which would otherwise be excluded by Club Rules, Rule
If You have no other war risks policy, then Your deductible for
war risks P&I claims under this section is the deductible
shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.
If You have purchased a war risks P&I policy from another
the insurer, Your deductible shall be the amount You can recover
under Your war risks P&I policy with another insurer.
There is no cover for war risks liabilities arising directly or
indirectly from any of the following: chemical, biological,
biochemical or electromagnetic weapon;

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