Travel Insurance 5 Things to Think About in 2022

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Travel Insurance. Everybody can now find something for themselves in cruise travel, from small riverboats to floating hotel complexes.

However, according to, approximately 37% of annual travel insurance policies and only a third of single trip travel insurance policies provide protection while cruising without a specific add-on – so if you plan to board, it’s worth discussing specialist cruise travel insurance with your broker. It will provide tailored coverage for everything you’ll encounter, both on and off the boat.
Here are a few of the most important things to look for in a policy.

Compensation for Cancellation think about your Travel Insurance

While the majority of cruises go off without a hitch, any trip that is so dependent on sea and weather conditions can be subject to change or mishap. For a trip that can easily cost thousands of pounds, it’s worth ensuring that both time and money are set aside. Payouts can range from £250 to £25,000 per person, so make sure your selection is appropriate for your trip and any planned excursions.


Medical Insurance

Similarly, terms on illness or injury can vary greatly between providers, and this is especially true for non-specialized policies. Pre-existing conditions and assistance for elderly passengers are frequently covered by cruise travel insurance, which basic insurance does not.

Access to doctors and medication on board can be costly, as can onshore specialist treatment or repatriation in the event of a more serious medical emergency.

The industry recommends a level of indemnity of £1 million for a trip to Europe and £2 million for the rest of the world. Doesn’t that seem excessive? According to the Association of British Insurers, the total cost of a heart attack on a Caribbean cruise ship, including treatment and an air ambulance back to the UK, is around £92,000.

Travel Insurance


While operators will do everything possible to keep you and your belongings safe, accidents do occur – and if your bag falls overboard, replacing what was inside can be costly. Of course, specialized cruise travel insurance typically includes coverage for lost or damaged luggage, as well as formal dining attire, which standard policies may not include. To find the right level for you, carefully read your T&Cs or consult with your broker.

Changes to the Itinerary

We mentioned the possibility of bad weather earlier, and it can also have an impact on your itinerary. Due to changes in sea or weather conditions, your trip may be rerouted or certain ports may become inaccessible. All it takes is a sudden squall to cause you to miss a location where you have planned trips or excursions. Check to see if your insurance covers this possibility.

Restriction to your cabin

If you are affected by illness or bad weather, you may be unable to leave the ship. While most policies do not cover missed trips or simply missing out on the fun, cruise travel insurance frequently includes a clause that covers this, ranging from £15 to £1,000 depending on your policy. Just make sure to get a note from the ship’s doctor if you require one.

Insurance T&Cs can differ as much as the cruises themselves, so make sure your policy covers everything you require. Cruise travel insurance is just one way to give yourself the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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