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What to do if you are not happy in your career

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In my online course, Amazing Career Project, I teach professional women the 16 key stages to creating a better and more meaningful career and professional life. Many course participants over the last five years have expressed profound uncertainty and dissatisfaction with their jobs. They have a variation of this:


So much of my work-life and career isn’t what I want — I simply don’t know where to start fixing it. Should I leave this company, abandon my entire career, or make a professional change? Do I leave corporate life and start my own business, or do something completely different from what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years? I’m so sad and exhausted, yet I don’t know what to do.”

After going through two complete career reinventions

After going through two complete career reinventions (from corporate VP to marriage and family therapist, then to coach/writer/speaker) and then studying how to do it right, I discovered that there is a proven process that we need to follow if we want to make critical changes in our careers without turning our entire world upside down in the process.

You CAN change your professional path to something more meaningful and financially rewarding, but most individuals fail to do so for the following five reasons::

  • They leap too quickly and too rashly because the emotional anguish they are experiencing stops them from having the patience to choose the appropriate next actions.
  • Sabotage their growth because they have a significant confidence and self-worth gap
  • They focus on “fixing” the wrong thing
  • They fail to obtain the proper support throughout the process
  • They don’t plan effectively or in a smart way for transition

I’d like to share the 5-step career-change process that I teach professionals for changing their careers to something more enjoyable, rewarding, and meaningful, without risking everything to get there.

And I’d like to help you identify the ONE most powerful micro-step to take today to begin revising your career to something that will make you feel more alive and successful, and experience more joy and peace in that process.

The five steps you need to take to revise your career to something better are these:

#1 –  Step Back for an empowered perspective of who you are and what you’re capable of

First, you have to understand yourself much more deeply than you do now.  You have to know what you’ll give up everything for, what you value, your priorities, standards of integrity, non-negotiables, and your style, preferences, and ideals.  Millions of professionals don’t have an intimate understanding of who they are and what they need and want. They’re clueless. Sadly, they spend years trying to figure out a new direction to take, without having the understanding they need to make the right decisions.  If you don’t know yourself intimately, you can’t build a successful and enjoyable career.

As a part of this process, you also need to step back and look at your life and career with a different lens. To connect the dots and make use of everything you are and have learned in your years of working, you have to get off the hamster wheel, stop and breathe, and view your life from a higher, more enlightened perspective.

As a start, write down all the jobs you’ve ever held – what you loved, hated, and learned from these experiences and what you want to bring forward in your next role. And try to identify all the key themes of your life – your passions, your amazing talents, and what you are continually drawn to that makes you who you are.


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